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We have done the shopping for you! All of the companies listed below are what we consider to be “Best in Class”. Many of these companies have been trained by us or are affiliates of Hawkeye Security. Some of these companies provide their services to us directly. In all cases we have formed partnerships with them to provide better service to YOU, Our Client!

Pre-Employment Background Investigations, Drug Testing, I9 Compliance, Tenant Screening

Private Investigations
Risk Management


Legal Services | We will serve you with integrity and respect. 708-481-0008

OSHA Compliance & Safety Consulting 847-951-7544

A Hawk’s vision is up to eight times clearer than the sharpest human eye. Hawks are constantly on alert and aware of their environment; it is a survival instinct. Hawkeye training is designed to make you and your company a survivor as well.

Be Hawkeye prepared, be Hawkeye trained, be a survivor.

Introducing our Premium Apparel Line

Hawkeye Prepared

Augusta Sportswear
Hooded Fleece Lined Jacket