“OSHA provides numerous resources that provide guidance for evaluating and controlling workplace violence. Utilizing these guidelines in your business will better ensure the safety of employees and help your organization be more compliant under the General Duty Clause” with “OSHA’s resources provide guidance for evaluating and controlling workplace violence. These guidelines will ensure the safety of your employees as well as compliance under the General Duty Clause”

  • Establish a business-wide workplace violence prevention plan
  • Train employees to identify suspicious workplace behavior and respond to an active shooter
  • Maintain company security through ID badges, electronic keys, and security guards
  • Instruct employees not to enter a location when they feel unsafe
  • Maintain records of your employees’ schedules and equip them with a cell phone and/or a noise-making device in case of an emergency
  • Employees should report and log all threats of workplace violence
  • Install good external lighting, silent alarms, surveillance cameras, and bullet-proof barriers


    Hawkeye utilizes the federally endorsed, OSHA recommended, Run, Hide, Fight methodology for our active shooter response foundation. We build upon this platform utilizing scenario based training taught by instructors who have a law enforcement and security background. You will learn from those who have actually been there. Most recent statistics indicate that you are eighteen times more likely to encounter an act of workplace violence or an active shooter at your place of business than a fire. Additionally, statistics show that the number of individuals killed or injured in an active shooter event is greatly reduced if the intended victims take action themselves as opposed to waiting for a police response. Such events are usually over in minutes, before law enforcement even arrives on the scene.